Thank You

This is for all my Veteran friends, as well as all the other Troops & Veterans out there that I haven’t yet had the honor of meeting.  I’m looking forward to meeting you someday soon if we haven’t crossed paths yet, so I can properly shake your hand and thank you for your service.  Until that time comes, this simple thank you will have to do:


“Thank You”   [June 18th 2012]


When “thank you” is not nearly enough

What exactly can one do?

When others have fought to preserve this land

For our children, me, and you?


To give so much, expect nothing in return,

This is the definition of “selfless,” indeed.

You are a hero; you protect my rights,

How can I properly thank you for this life you lead?


You never stop, you never rest,

24/7 you are on guard,

You are courageous, brave, and honorable

You don’t complain that the job’s too hard.


I don’t know how you do it each day

You’re missed, there is no doubt.

But you continue on, each morning and night,

So that terrorists will be kept out.


You defend this land, preserve our values,

rights, and freedom too,

What can a civilian do, to repay this debt,

When all one can give in return is a simple “thank you”?


If it weren’t for the men and women like you

That serve our country today,

We wouldn’t have a tomorrow to look forward to

And that is why I feel compelled to say:


“THANK YOU” for all you’ve given me,

I know these words aren’t much.

But they’re all I’ve got to give in return

For your service, sacrifices, and such.


America is the land of opportunity,

And this is by no mere luck.

If it weren’t for you I would not be free

And life would certainly suck.


“Hero” does not begin to describe

how I feel about your courageous act,

You chose to serve, you are America’s Finest

And that is most-definitely a fact.


Since there are no words that can adequately say

What I am trying to,

I will end this now by simply saying

A humble “thank you”.


For Our Troops & Vets,

Signè Thomas