A message from our founder:

I wanted to get involved in a Registered Student Organization at Florida State University whose mission is to support the men and women in our Armed Forces.  Realizing no such RSO yet existed, I decided if I want to be involved in such an organization I would need to create one.  In the Spring semester of my freshman year (Spring 2010), I filled out all the paperwork necessary and “Thank A Soldier Organization (TASO)” was born.   In order to ensure all military members know our organization supports all branches of the military equally, we officially changed our name to Students for America’s Military of FSU in March of 2013.  This name is more all encompassing: past Veterans, currently deployed Troops, and all branches of the military will know that our organization is for them.

In the past couple of years, FSU has become recognized as a model university for being one of the most Veteran-friendly campuses in the nation.  Individuals at other universities have expressed interest in forming a chapter of SAM at their own school so they too can have an organization to support Troops & Veterans.  So, in March 2013 I incorporated Students for America’s Military (SAM) as a non-profit organization, and my goal for the next few years is to help other universities have what we now do at Florida State University.  FSU is the first chapter of SAM, and I hope there will be a few more chapters in Florida and chapters in other states pop up within the next year.  I see everyday the impact that SAM has at Florida State, and I am anxious to see the tremendous impact that nationwide chapters of SAM will provide.

For Our Troops & Veterans,

Signè Thomas